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Hygienic Results for Schools, Colleges and Kindergartens

Cleaning where it counts
There’s nothing like a school for spreading germs. That’s why so many adults catch colds and other nasties when their children are in school. Their kids come into contact with a child who’s ill, and before long, germs spread like wildfire.

It’s so important to have clean and hygienic surroundings for both students and teachers. Cleaning is not a job for busy, stressed out teachers, either. Schools, colleges and universities need experts on the job – experts who are dedicated to high standards of cleaning and go the extra mile to make sure classrooms and facilities are pristine and spotless. Experts like the experienced, professional team at Glod Services.

We provide regular cleaning for classrooms and desks, staff rooms, washrooms, change rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, libraries, cafeterias, lunchrooms and laboratories.

We clean toilets, tap fittings, tile and grout, handrails, windows and carpets. We’ll also remove chewing gum, scuff marks and cobwebs.

You run your school to timetables. And that means that we need to fit in too. We can be there at the end of the day, or before your school hours start. And if you require both pre and post-school hours, we’ll roll up our sleeves and be on the job whenever you need us.

Say hello to Glod Services, and goodbye to germs!

Why Choose Us
  • We Always Go The Extra Mile
  • High Level of Professionalism
  • We Use Eco-Friendly Products to Support the Environment
  • We Guarantee Quality Assurance
  • Highly Competitive Prices
  • Continuous Innovation
  • All Our Services are Fully Insured
  • All Team Members are Security Checked By AFP.
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What Our Clients Say
The best cleaning service provider we ever had! The staff team is very professional and pay attention to small details and do a fabulous job. We highly recommend them.
Cassandra Edwards

Glod Services has been providing amazing service to us and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Their communication skills are fantastic! They have always been incredibly professional but also really accommodating. We can’t thank them enough and we are hoping we can continue to have themwork with us long into the future.
Thereza Cullen

Glod Services is fantastic! We are very pleased with the quality of services and their customer care. We’ve recommended them to several friends and business associates and will continue to do so!
Iris Moore

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