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Certified Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Exceptional Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning requires high attention to detail across ALL of your business premises. And that means places that may be forgotten or left for over-worked staff to manage.

Certified cleaners

Our cleaners are fully certified and experienced at meeting – and exceeding – industry standards. We have continuous praise and recommendations from our commercial clients, which have helped our business grow exponentially. Every part of your premises comes under our cleaning radar, so dirt has nowhere to hide.


Your office reception area is the first impression that clients have of your business. Tracked-in dirt on the floor, grimy door handles and glass, and less than spotless chairs show that you don’t care about clients.

We know that it is vitally important to have a spotless, welcoming reception area. We vacuum floors daily and steam-clean them regularly – and that goes for office areas too. And your staff facilities will be meticulously cleaned when we’re on the job. Your staff kitchen, eating areas and restrooms will be pristine. Door handles, microwave ovens, bench tops, dishwashing machines… will be spotless.

Employees perform better

It’s a well-documented fact that employees perform better when they have a professionally cleaned work environment. And keeping your commercial premises clean means that there’s less risk of germs spreading, and staff absences due to illness.

When you hire us for your commercial cleaning, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver high-quality results – with every clean. We build long-term commercial client relationships because our clients know they can trust us and they appreciate our commitment and dedication.

Your schedules

We fit in with your schedules, too, whether you require an end of day clean or an early morning clean, we are at your service! And when it’s time to steam clean your carpets, we do this at the end of the week to allow for maximum drying time, with minimal interruption.

We’re all about service excellence. So, call us now for a FREE zero-obligation quote.

Why Choose Us
  • We Always Go The Extra Mile
  • High Level of Professionalism
  • We Use Eco-Friendly Products to Support the Environment
  • We Guarantee Quality Assurance
  • Highly Competitive Prices
  • Continuous Innovation
  • All Our Services are Fully Insured
  • All Team Members are Security Checked By AFP.
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What Our Clients Say
The best cleaning service provider we ever had! The staff team is very professional and pay attention to small details and do a fabulous job. We highly recommend them.
Cassandra Edwards

Glod Services has been providing amazing service to us and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Their communication skills are fantastic! They have always been incredibly professional but also really accommodating. We can’t thank them enough and we are hoping we can continue to have themwork with us long into the future.
Thereza Cullen

Glod Services is fantastic! We are very pleased with the quality of services and their customer care. We’ve recommended them to several friends and business associates and will continue to do so!
Iris Moore

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